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Immerse your brand in one of the most well-loved, involved traditions of our event. Whether it’s sponsoring Masquerade, one of our biggest signature shows, or getting involved in cosplay repair and photo sets, come participate in the culture of Anime Expo.

Cosplay Repair Center

Create a positive impression of your brand & build awareness of your product

The AX Cosplay Repair Center is provided at no cost as a courtesy to our attendees and helps make sure that they have a fun and positive experience while cosplaying at Anime Expo.

Maximize the cosplaying experience and leave a lasting impression on our community. Cosplay repair is offered as a free amenity to our attendees and allows them to upkeep their cherished cosplays. Give your brand exposure and earn yourself loyal followers for costumes to come.

30 Minutes
Average Time Spent
Immediate hands-on experience with your product
Square Feet
Branding & Signage Opportunities Available


The longest-running event at Anime Expo

Masquerade is an attendee competition where they show off their talent to a crowd of thousands in the Main Events Hall.

A signature event of Anime Expo, Masquerade has become one of our most popular, extravagant shows. This ticketed event features performances by some of the most talented cosplayers in the country. Put your name in the spotlight and steal the show.

Average audience attendance
A beloved, annual tradition

Photo Sets

An Anime Expo Original

Professionally-built sets represent a broad range of themes and offer a photo-taking experience that can only be found at Anime Expo.

Spread your name beyond the convention and across the landscape of social media. Our photosets offer cosplayers the opportunity to bring their characters to life and capture lasting memories. Whether you brand an existing set or create a brand new one, you’ll be sure to attract eyes far beyond the walls of Anime Expo.


Spanning from train car to to Japanese Tatami Room to apocalyptic